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Pacific Fitness & Coaching

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Our Mission Statement

"Empowering Champions of Life"

Pacific Fitness & Coaching inspires, equips, and empowers active agers  (45+) to become Champions of Life!  Our specially designed fitness studio is a lighthouse of healing, health, and hope with programs that build strength, stamina, and balance. Our lighthouse includes people of all shapes, sizes, and motivations--grandmothers and grandfathers to weekend warriors--people suffering from chronic pain or stress and people seeking to avoid these chronic maladies. We welcome people wanting to lose weight, lower blood pressure or cholesterol and people simply wanting to feel or look better. Our studio is a special place--an energetic, motivating and positive environment where communities are made and lives are transformed.


About Me

Mark Pearson, M.A., M.Div., is an accomplished martial artist, pastor, athletic trainer, fitness and lifestyle coach, author and a popular speaker at Christian motivational seminars, men’s retreats and conferences who motivates and inspires others to be champions of life.

Mark is truly a man of contrasts. A former United States Marine, former SWAT/SERT police officer and Police Defensive tactics instructor, competitive martial artist, Bible College and seminary graduate, he is currently combining his passion for physical fitness with his passion for pastoring and mentoring people.

Mark came to the Pacific Northwest to follow his passion in ministry. While he was in seminary, he suffered a hip injury that ended his martial arts career. Because of this painful injury, he gained over 40 pounds and was told he would never kick or run again. It was during this time of healing and rehab from his injury that found his mission.

“I want to help people be a champion of life,” Mark says. “I want to help them take back the time that fear has stolen. Because it’s not just aches and pains, but also the fear that can be introduced to us in life.”

With his background in athletic training and sports medicine, Mark started Pacific Fitness & Coaching to help folks over 40 with strength, stamina and balance. People from all backgrounds and beliefs are welcome at Pacific Fitness & Coaching. What else would be expected from a coach with such a diverse background and nurturing approach?

Visit Mark to discuss your fitness goals and how he can help get you on the track to live the life you want to live.

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Certified Functional Training Specialist

  • Certified Functional Aging Specialist

  • Certified FMS Levels 1 & 2

  • Certified International Master Instructor in Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do & Hapkido

  • Over 45 years experience in a variety of martial arts including Tang Soo Do, Gojo Ryu Karate, and Tai Chi



Begin your 30-Day Training Experience!

We believe talk is cheap and personal experience says it all. That's why we're providing a 30-Day Training Experience of everything that Pacific Fitness & Coaching has to offer for only $69. No flashy gimmicks, no magic pill. We offer the most effective workout programs and highly qualified trainers to help you reach your goals!

Here's what you will receive during your 30-Day Experience!

  • A Starting Point session to determine your level of fitness

  • Individualized Program Design

  • Up to 3 Small Group Training sessions a week

  • UNLIMITED Team Training!

  • A community of members and staff that will encourage you and celebrate your wins!


Private Plus

This program is for the person who wants the BEST! This program is specially designed to meet your needs and goals. After meeting with you we will design a premier plan that can include a COMPLETE strength and conditioning program, nutrition guidelines and plan as well as a plan for recovery!

Private Unlimited

This program is for the person who wants it all!

  • 12 personal coaching sessions each month

  • 4 Strategy sessions each month

  • 2 Recovery sessions

  • AND unlimited team training


Private Limited

Many times those who sign up for this program are people who have specific exercise restrictions that require 1-on-1 instruction.

  • 4 personal coaching sessions a month

  • 4 Strategy sessions each month

  • 1 Recovery session a month

  • Unlimited Team Training

Unlimited Small Group Training

This Elite Membership option is the foundation program of the Pacific Fitness & Coaching system. This program is for the person who wants even more of the benefits and experiences that Limited Small Group Training gives you! 

This option includes:

  • Up to 12 Small Group sessions a month

  • 2 Strategy Sessions a month

  • Unlimited Team Training

  • Additional support and personal guidance through emails AND a private online Facebook group!


Limited Small Group Training

Small Group Training is for the person who wants a unique opportunity to work with a personal trainer at a great value! With a maximum of 6 people in each session, you are guaranteed accountability, motivation, high energy and FUN! 

With this Elite Membership option you get:

  • Up to 4 Small Group Coaching sessions

  • 1 Strategy Session a month

  • Unlimited Team Training

  • Additional support and personal guidance through emails AND a private online Facebook group!  

This program is an EXCELLENT balance of cost and accountability!

Team Training

Team Training is for the person who prefers to do a class in an energetic and fun large group setting! These sessions will provide you with either a high-energy calorie burning workout designed to make you SWEAT or a mind-body, restorative class that is designed to help you RECOVER by emphasizing strength, flexibility and corrective exercise.


See what our members are saying...

Pacific Fitness & Coaching isn't a gym, it's ohana--a family and community of like-minded people who support and encourage on another!

After a fender-bender my right knee was strongly bent inward. Because of this I was experiencing constant low back aches. My left leg took over a lot off the work from the right and that further weakened the right leg and hip. Chiropractor after chiropractor were not fixing the underlying problem.

Under Mark’s precise guidance, I have restored more balance to my stance, the back aches are gone, the right knee has straightened by inches, and I am fitter and more supple than most of my 60-years old contemporaries!

He consults with high-ranked others in his field where he has especially challenging cases, which I find super responsible and an extra benefit.

As a bonus, he knows physical therapy techniques that allow him to pinch and stop the worst behaving muscle spasms. It is wonderful seeing how deeply he enjoys working us through and out of those pains. His goofy cackle warning of impending pinch pain is an ongoing thing of merriment.

Anjala E.

After working with physical trainers for almost 20 years, I can confidently say that Mark is an exceptional coach.  With an experienced eye for movement habits and patterns, Mark consistently meets and trains my body however it is on any given day, discerning the right amount of challenge to offer and encourage.  In the years that I have trained with Mark, I have become physically stronger, more aware and confident of my body’s movement capacity, remained injury free, and had fun in his presence.  He is a warm, kind, and respectful coach.  I am so grateful for his care and expertise, not only for my body, but for the whole of my attitude and outlook on training and life.

Robert D.

Five years ago when I was 82 I had fell several times and my balance had gotten so bad that my doctor was considering placing me in an assisted care facility. I found Mark through another client of his that was a good friend. His calm, professional and humorous manner put me right at ease. He listened to all of my concerns and was always available to me when I had questions.

Four months ago after starting seeing Mark, my wife and I were out of town at a family wedding. She had left the hotel room to get dinner. I was sitting on the bed and slid off the slick bedspread. I got up and went into the sitting room of the room. I sat down, turned on the TV when it dawned on me, I HAD GOTTEN UP! It was so automatic and natural that I didn't even notice it!

Many, many thanks Mark. You are MY Champion of Life!

Robert W.


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2075 NE Division Street,
Gresham OR 97030
Right behind AAMCO and right next to the Gresham Golf Course

(503) 489-5838